Drum Workshops

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The unique way that these workshops are run allows the participants to learn more than in the average workshop/clinic. Rather than just watching the clinician play and sometimes not learning much, the PDC believes the best way of learning is to be involved hence everyone gets their own practice pad to play on. This way it does not isolate anybody at an event, with all levels and abilities being able to play alongside each other.

What to expect?

When someone attends a PDC Drum Workshop they will get a full experience of world class drumming. Each participant will sit at their own practice pad in which to play alongside the clinician, all they need to do is bring a pair of sticks. Each workshop is aimed towards improving technique, practice methods, tricks of the trade and a Q & A session for all the burning questions people want to ask. Each workshop can be tailored for the needs of the event.

Samba Workshops

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The PDC Samba Workshops transports your group to the streets of Rio for an experience infused with the infectious rhythms of samba. The activity starts with the participants being taught the basics of samba beats and technique by a professional percussionist. Through a variety of warm-up exercises designed to give everyone a strong sense of the required rhythm, they quickly progress to real instruments and gain an understanding of their crucial role in the performance of the finished piece.

The PDC Samba Workshops is an all-inclusive activity where everybody is involved in an earth-moving, epic finale. Shy or reserved personalities emerge from their shells as the social power of music takes control. 

Given the central importance of unity in the community and the bonds created by shared achievement, this is one experience that’s hard to beat! 

This can be aim at groups of 10-40 at an age range of 11yrs+

samba workshop

African Workshops

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African drumming is a great way of playing energetic rhythms in unison through drum circles.

These workshops are aimed at children of primary school ages 6-11. With everyone playing on their own African drum (Djembe) and led by highly skilled and experienced drummers who offer a fully immersive learning experience to children through the positive power of drumming.

Both entertaining and educational, PDC African workshops are a great way of introducing children to a culture/rhythms they may not have had much experience with.  The drum circle creates an atmosphere that draws the children in and teaches them djembe rhythms in an exciting and energetic way.

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