After a successful and enjoyable weekend, the PDCamp will be returning this year!

The Palace Drum Camp is a 3 day drumming event over the weekend of 24-26 February 2022 held in the home town of John Bonham, Redditch. Reserve your place now for only £245 for the full 3 days !

The details


24-26 February 2022
Friday 12pm – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm


Rhett Theatre
RSA Arrow Vale, Matchborough Way
Redditch, B98 0GF


The Palace Drum Camp is open to all abilities, backgrounds and is suitable for ages 14 and up.


16 hours of tuition

Special Guest masterclass

Over the weekend, each student will receive classes with all the tutors on different aspects of drumming. These classes will be broken down into smaller groups for a more intimate learning environment. Each student will receive around 16 hours of tuition and a Special Guest masterclass over the course of PDCamp. More details on this are available in the PDCompanion*

Topics that have been covered include;

  • Rudimental Secrets,
  • Creativity & freedom on the drum kit,
  • Mic’ing/recording drums
  • Foot Technique
  • Exploring & finding new sounds on your drum kit,
  • Reading between the lines,
  • Practical interpretations of Stick Control and Syncopation,
  • Making creativity a daily habit,
  • Interpretation of charts,
  • Improvisation / solo ideas,
  • Brush technique,
  • Tuning
  • And many many more

Core Tutors

In addition to special guests, the Palace Drum Camp will also feature these amazing drummers:

Reserve Your Place

These costs include all classes and your PDCompanion

Breaking the price down, the calibre of tutors on hand at PDCamp can usually charge in the region of £50/60 upwards. Our hourly rate works out about £10 and you get 5 tutors and more.

A £50 minimum deposit** will be needed to book your place. The balance can be paid in instalments or in full.***

What you need

A pair of sticks and a pair of brushes, plus a drum stool. We suggest a pencil and notepad as well, there will be a lot of information over the weekend and you’ll want to remember everything!

If you require a hotel for the PDCamp, here’s a list of hotels that we recommend. Click Here

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* The PDCamp Companion will be a booklet with all material covered by the tutors.
** Deposit is non-refundable
*** Balance needs to paid in full by 1st February 2023. Full paid require on sign up after the 1st Feb 2023