Siemy Di is a London (UK) based drummer/percussionist. What he loves about drums is the challenge of combining the animal and the intellectual aspects of it. Siemy loves the physicality of playing – the sweating and the pounding of the drums but is also drawn to the intellectual side of exploring rhythm in a complex manner.

Throughout his drumming career, Siemy has had the privilege to play with the likes of Roy Ayers, David Bowie, Terry Bozzio, Mofro, S Club 7, Jimmy Sommerville, Zucchero and Emma Bunton (Baby Spice/Spice Girls). He was also invited to join the infamous African Jazz All-Stars and Master Drummers of Africa which gave him exposure to some of Africa’s most beloved talent.

With his fusion band Siemy di System, they won the ‘Best Live Band Award’ for the Classic Rock Society (UK) in 2004. They also performed at Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London (UK) in 2006 supporting Tony Allen. Since 2012 Siemy has also been performing with a gothic-pop band, Mothlite (Kscope, Visible Noise).