Thursday 20th June
Dougal Butler

Doors open at 7:30pm

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Peter ‘Dougal’ Butler began working with The Who as a roadie in mid ’67. He became close buddies with the drummer, Keith Moon from 1967 -1977. Dougal then became Moonies personal assistance which they saw each other virtually every day, with even some of the time sharing accommodation in the U.K and U.S.A.
Dougal will be talking about events in Keith’s life, what he was really like and the value of their relationships?
Some other topics will be:
*Keith in the studio and live appearances with The Who.
*Stories with John Bonham, Ringo, Lennon and many others.
*Money issues
*Did he rehearse?
*Drug and alcohol abuse in this later life.
*Partying, womanising.
* Places he has lived and some of the people he met.
*Antics he got up to but wouldn’t be able to today.
*Keith Moon film that didn’t happen – but might!
*His car collection
And others
Dougal will be bringing photos and stories of not just Moonie but other drummers and people he meet along the way. Some of them can be pictured in the photos above. Also his bestsellers selling book will be present on the evening.

some educational thoughts from
Matt Green
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Matt is one of the UK's most versatile percussionists. He has emerged himself in all aspects of percussion and plays all range of music, from Baroque to Rock. Matthew often performs as a guest soloist with different groups, premier Big Bands and Jazz ensembles in and around the Midlands/London and in the studio recording for rock/pop artists. Matthew’s passion for world music which has led him to work with such artists as Ravi Shankar, collaborating between Eastern and Western musicians, UK’s leading nasheed group SHAAM and on the west coast of Ireland's folk scene. Matt's very popular workshops/clinics are both educational and inspiring.

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